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Enjoy an unmatched suite of tools designed exclusively for collectors of fine classic and collectible automobiles worldwide.

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Create restoration or maintenance projects or browse our extensive list of titles produced by our specialists.

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We've partnered with leading master mechanics to create the new gold standard in how-to video instruction.

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Be inspired or inspire. Showcase your vehicle, restoration, and maintenance project photos and video.

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Say goodbye to phone clutter. Easily store photos and videos of your pride and joy, then view them anytime, anywhere.

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Keep your vehicles and shop organized. Easily manage projects, tools, photos, and videos like never before.

It's all about accuracy

We've taken the guess work out of maintaining and restoring your classic vehicle-everything in one place: parts, tools, organization, and expert instruction.

The new gold standard in instructional videos

Directed by Emmy™ nominated director J. Michael Brown and shot on stunning 4K high-resolution cameras, our specialists take you deep inside for an unprecedented look at the task at hand.

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No more research or guess work. Every instructional video comes complete with a full list of parts, required and optional, plus a full tool list. All of which may be purchased at your pleasure, right here on Garage-O-Matic.

Your questions answered

When questions come up, ask the specialist using our built-in question and answer system.

Fast track your projects

We've done the technical, part, and tool research, saving you days, weeks or even months so you can spend more time enjoying your pride and joy.

Never forget a part or tool again

Built-in inventory lets you attach parts to your projects for easy reference and future ordering.

Store important documents and notes

With cloud-based document and note storage for vehicles and projects, your important documents are just a click away.

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1993 Bentley Turbo R

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